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Extra! Extra! Richmond Marquee? What’s that about? It’s about YOU – theatre professional, theatre patron, theatre aficionado, anyone who LOVES Richmond theatre. It’s about what’s happening and what’s going to happen. It’s about providing opportunity, celebrating accomplishments, lamenting losses and just keeping up to date.
Where To Get It!
You can subscribe or purchase a copy at performances of these great local theatres:

Chamberlayne Actor’s Theatre
The Theater Company at Fort Lee

Our Goal
Our goal is to create a complete tool for working the local theatre scene. Up to now, if you were new to the city and wanted to work out a theatrical career for yourself, volunteer at one of the local community theatres, or just wanted to know what was currently appearing, you would have gone to several resources to find the information you needed. Richmond Marquee wraps it up in a tidy package and sends it straight to your mailbox! It will be monthly at first, ramping up in time to biweekly, evolving eventually to a weekly publication. While it is being printed monthly, subscribers will be given the option of receiving intermittent e-newsletters containing time-sensitive information.

What can you expect to see?
  • Audition notices
  • New show openings
  • Continuing shows
  • Feature articles about individuals
  • Theatres
  • Events
  • important theatre community issues
  • classified space for YOU to post a service or a need
The only thing you won’t find here are critical reviews.

The mission of Richmond Marquee is to encourage and uplift individual performances and productions. Our community is not measured by geographic boundaries. It is measured in ever-increasing numbers of real people. People who come together from time to time and become extended families for several weeks as well as people who continually support and fill the seats of our theaters. These same people deserve a voice and a reliable resource for honing their skills and plying their trade.

Richmond Marquee will strive to continually put the actor and the community first and provide a much needed service.

In the September 2015 issue:

RTCC Nominees
Henrico Theatre Company and Theatre Company at Fort Lee Seasons
and lots more information on upcoming auditions and events!!

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